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Madelyn May

More than a look, a lifestyle.

Who I Am

Connecting and curating is what makes me who I am. Driven by a passion for going further, I take my skills in creating visually pleasing media and wardrobe styling to help others embody their own vision. Coming from a long family line of small business owners, I was raised surrounded by hard-work, dedication and most importantly, connection.

Looking towards my great grandmother, Lillian May, as a muse. Who, aside from making her own clothes, knew how to make everyone feel at home. I strive to do the same in my work.

Currently, I am a student at California State University Long Beach studying Public Relations. Aside from that, I run social media channels and am an assistant wardrobe stylist for celebrities and fashion editorials. 

Latest Projects

a peek at what I do...

To help illustrate how I achieve that sense of connection through digital media and fashion, here are some projects in my portfolio


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Long Beach. CA

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