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7 Pieces That are Essential For Your Summer 2022 Wardrobe

It's time to get your closet boosted for the spring and summer fashion season. From mini skirts to button downs these are the pieces to make a trending fit all season long for any occasion. Pantone predicted Daffodil Yellow, Gossamer Pink, browns, greens, Skydiver Blue and Dahlia Purple as the top colors for the season which took the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022 by storm. A color palette is essential for building any personal style and a good place to start when making a Pinterest board for ss22 outfit ideas. Lately, with social media platforms like TikTok taking over the fashion world, trends have been spreading faster than ever. That's why major fashion designers were going back to the basics with their runway looks for ss22. Of course we had to add a little spice, but this summer is all about stripping it down. Picture this, the vibe is 70’s meets 90’s off duty model that gets invited to their rich best friend’s place for a California casual daytime cocktail in the backyard. Effortless, with effort involved. Here are seven staple pieces to get you through the summer with ease.

Pantone via Pinterest


Matilda Djerf via Instagram

Go into dad’s or boyfriend’s closet and grab the nearest oversized, preloved, button up, don’t button it all the way though. A white, printed or linen button up is the perfect thing to complete any look. Especially with this off duty model, chill business vibe that's going on for the 2022 season. Wearing it open with a bandeau under, to the beach instead of a sundress or alone with the top half of the buttons open to showcase that summer glow and beaded jewelry or gold chains. This classic is a diverse piece no matter the season.


Emma Chamberlain via Instagram

With Y2K making its comeback it was only a matter of time before these came back, and they are hotter than ever. Like Paris Hilton said, “Mini skirts. Skirts should be the size of a belt. Life's short, take risks.” These were all over the runway from Chanel to Miu Miu, along with celebs like Dua Lipa and Emma Chamberlain already repping them on Instagram posts. Mini skirts can be worn with blazers, which probably deserve a section of their own as a summer fashion staple, as seen during fashion week, with your button down half tucked in or even with the classic racer tank top.


Araminta James via Pinterest

Matching sets are the outfit of the summer. Something so simple that still looks so put together. Monochromatic, or as some are calling it “color clashing,” has slowly been making its way in the fashion world and will hit a peak in this summer’s style. This can be as easy as buying a matching set online or wearing a look that is a few different shades of pink that somehow all go together.


Ali Express

It might sound strange but trousers are an outfit staple for ss22. And no, not the ones you wear to the office. These trousers are loose and casual, maybe even low-rise with that making its comeback, and either linen or cotton to keep it cool in the summer heat. Fashion influencers are already all over this trend making it easy to get outfit ideas when scrolling through social media. Think of them as the jeans of the summer.


Joana Romana via Pinterest

Knit wear in the summer? Yes. Except these knits will be in the forms of crochet hats, crochet bags, knit shorts and sweater vests that you can see through that also add a light layer to a tank, t-shirt or swim top. Hailey Bieber was even spotted out in Malibu last month rocking a green knit sweater with a black mini skirt while out with friends. Some designers and brands like House of Sunny are also putting out knit dresses for the season.


Blumarine SS22 Fashion Show

As stated before, Y2K is back full swing and with that comes sheer. Sheer tops can be a perfect layering piece for an outfit during hot months. Lately, we have been seeing sheer dresses with a slip underneath, sheer blouses and once again, button ups. These can have a little shimmer in them or embellishment. Also, sheer doesn’t equal immodest anymore as long as it is styled correctly and worn with confidence.


Brit Harvey via Instagram

As always, sometimes it just takes one little thing to make the whole look flow, so here are three. Sunglasses, hats and beads. To be specific the sunglasses need to be plastic aviators with such a light tinted lens, orange or yellow preferably, that it barely even makes them functional sunnies. They can also be skinny rectangular black ones that gained popularity back in the 90’s. Next up, baseball caps and crochet bucket hats will be everywhere for summer fashion so you might be raiding dad or boyfriend’s closet, again. Lastly, beaded necklaces are still here and make a perfect color pop on a summer tan, you better be wearing that SPF 40 though.

Summer is a time to be light and fresh with style. No matter if it’s sitting on the beach or taking on the city's outdoor dining on a mid July night, your ss22 wardrobe will be ready. Hopefully these pieces help you soak up the golden vibes a little more.

Check out my Instagram @ohmadellyn throughout the season for outfit inspiration and styling tips!

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