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Media Projects

A series of multimedia projects from my senior year in PR and journalism

Latest Projects

a peek at what I do...

To help illustrate and explain how I achieve that sense of connection through digital media and fashion, I’ve put together a selection of projects that exemplify just that:

Final Video: On Style

A Photo Story

The Chrysalis Lab

The Chrysalis Lab is a studio in Malibu, CA created by celebrity stylist, Emma Trask. Designed to up-cycle and reimagine vintage or customer's own clothing into something new. "Chrysalizing" the garments, as Trask calls it by adding sustainable yarns, embellishments and art.

Mixology Video

Jocelyn Jolley has been a mixologist for over 10 years and is the bar manager at Michael's On Naples. In this, she takes us behind the scenes. What is takes to run a bar, upcoming drinks and how she helped build a cocktail program that stands out. One that continuously brings food/cocktails bloggers into Michael's on the daily.

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